Vazisuban Estate Development

The 19th century estate, which was the home of the famous and public figure Sulkhan Chavchavadze, is now a 19-room boutique hotel that retains its original appearance. Every room offers unique experience as well as design and every item in this hotel is specially selected to capture 19th century reality. GIS managed to successfully accomplish a project for the hotel, which included provision of sound systems solutions. For the perfect performance we decided to use trustworthy Bose Pro Installed sound systems. Bose Pro sound system provides a better opportunity to organize even the biggest meetings, like a parliament or inter-governmental conference or the smallest, flexible gatherings, with absolute control and reliability. And ensures that every sentence, word, phrase or even note to be transmitted flawlessly. These well-designed speakers are about creating incredible experiences – from an unforgettable live music event to a clear conference call that gets the whole team on the same page.

Other Projects