Expo Georgia

GIS successfully implemented project at Expo Georgia exhibition center. Which embraced design, delivery and integration of Sound, Visual, and Conference systems. Expo Georgia is the only convention center in Georgia and the leading one in the Caucasus region. The company organizes trade fairs and various types of conferences, congresses and events. History of the Convention Center starts in 1958. An essential component of a sophisticated conference is the proper planning and maintenance of its technical side. For this, the technologies provided in the project must be reliable and superb quality. We used Bose Pro Installed, DIS and Shure systems to meet all the requirements of audio and conference systems. These products are about creating incredible experiences – from an unforgettable live music event to a clear conference call that gets the whole team on the same page. As for the visual side of the project, we decided to provide Expo Georgia with Easy-to-operate, Stable and Professional Projecta Tripod Projection Screen. In the world technology market, the above-mentioned brands occupy leading positions. GIS managed to maximize the functioning of the room and smooth communication between the facilitator and participants through proper management of superior sound equipment, trustworthy audio technology and properly selected visualization solutions.

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